Note from another student

As noted elsewhere, the dangers of McGill's handling of such issues sends a disturbing message to students. One student in my Artificial Intelligence class only realized a week past the deadline that he had submitted the wrong version of his report. When I explained that I could not, in fairness to other students, accept his second version as if it were received on time, he consulted the administration, and learned the sad truth:

"Hi Prof. Cooperstock,

"It seems the administration is not wiling to accept my re-grading concern because I do not have a medical note and because I did not make enough fanfare. It is unfortunate because a system that does not allow the truth to lead to justice then forces people to manipulate the system in order to get what they want. It seems that had I decided to make up an excuse, such as that I was sick, my assignment would have been marked but because I told the truth I am not given much consideration."

Last update: August 24, 2008
by Jeremy Cooperstock